Au Dio was the first album from Arer.

It was released 20th February 2021. 

All those songs in the drawer and on harddisks from the time as Cepheus and all new songs on this first album.

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Arer - from Gothenburg, Sweden.

A one-man-band using mainly Reason as his "instrument".

He started making music many years ago under the name "Cepheus".

In the pandemic year of 2020 he changed his (band)name to Arer and ideas and demos from the time as Cepheus was brought to "life" again, either remixed or slightly changed. 

The 1st album also contains new songs. Uppdate: 2nd album is released now ... enjoy! 

They came in peace

They came in peace - is the 2nd album from Arer.

It was released 24 april 2021. 

The title was inspired by the old egyptian name Imhotep (vesir of pharao Djoser and builder of 1st pyramid) which means "he who comes in peace".

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Au Dio - 1st album

The main part of the music is made in Reason. All the synths and instrument racks are there. All you need is inspiration and a subscription :) 

Thanks to all at Reason studios

Keep up the good work! 


Im working on a 3rd album at the moment. Be patient :)  



This is my personal Twitter about almost everything. "Arer" is just a small part of it. Often written in swedish and sometimes not so serious :) 

Bonus - "eyecandy"

If you use your iPhone at Spotify and choose to play and go into any of my (separate) songs you will se more of these. It´s a new thing at Spotify and they call them "canvas" -->

Something about ... 

Something about ... ... a song from the 1st album, ”Wineyard workers”.

I read some books about ancient Egypt.

A chapter in a book was about the hard work by the workers at a wineyard.

At the same time I tried to find out how the rack in Reason, ”Matrix Analog Pattern Sequenser”, was working and I connected it to Voices.

After trying, struggling, learning, playing … I started to hear a bunch of men working in the sun by the Nile … and the song was born. 

Creating music

This (example) is how it looks on my screen when I´m creating music on Reason. To the left I have different racks, instruments, effects and sounds, etc to choose from. At the top a mixer. Each (colored) channel on the mixer you can also see at the bottom left.

The (colored) horisontal lines is the music on a timeline. In the middle you can scroll trough all the racks, instruments and sounds, etc that is used in this song. You can try Reason for free 1 month. You can also learn a lot by looking at the tutorials or search on Youtube. 

Something about ... 

Something about ... a song from the 2nd album, "They came in peace" - ”Tonight - mixed”.

While I was working on the first - short - version of Tonight I felt that this song would ”never stop” … 

Later on I couldn´t resist to do a longer mixed version of it. Synthetic trumpets on a dancefloor … is not that common :)

I just had to do it.

Now it´s almost 8 min long but it could go on forever.

... and forever ... and ... 

Both versions is now on the 2nd album.

Stay in the moment

When I buy music I - sometimes - wish that a whole album should contain either soft or loud music.

Playing an album with soft music will get you in a relaxed mood, but if the next track suddenly changes to something loud you probably loose that relaxed feeling in a second. And the moment is lost.

So, my thoughts and plans are to release an album in the future with soft music from beginning to end.

I have already some demos for an album like that, and more in the making :)